How to get to Cochamó

The following takes into consideration you don’t have your own vehicle.

From Abroad

Where ever you’re coming from in the world outside of southern South America, you’ll need to book a flight to either Santiago, Chile or Buenos Aires, Argentina. There are many airlines to choose from. From either city you’ll need to get to Puerto Montt/Puerto Varas, Chile.  Bariloche, Argentina is also another option but is an entire day in a bus away.. 

If you are heading to Valle Cochamó from Santiago (Chile) or Bariloche (Argentina), you must get to Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas. Below are options to get there.

From Santiago, Chile

There are a many flights every day from Santiago to Puerto Montt. The flight lasts two hours. From the airport you can catch a public bus into Puerto Montt or take a taxi to Puerto Varas.

From Torres del Paine or Coyhaique, Chile

If you’re coming from Torres del Paine (Chile), you’ll need to get to the airport just outside of Punta Arenas, Chile. For Coyhaique (Chile), you will fligh out of Balmaceda. There are generally daily direct flights from these airports to Puerto Montt. 

from Buenos Aires: There are many flights every day from Buenos Aires to Bariloche. The flight takes just more than two hours.

from southern Patagonia, Argentina: If you’re comming from Ushauia (Argentina), Chaltén (Argentina) areas, you must cross into Chile and catch direct flights from Punta Arenas or Coyhaique. Otherwise you can catch a flight to Bariloche from Rio Gallego or Ushuaia. From Bariloche to Puerto Montt/Varas, its necessary to catch a bus or cross via the lake crossing.

from Bariloche, buses take 7 to 9 hours depending on how busy ther border is. There are no night buses.

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